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SAFO, a European Reality

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SAFO group, leader in fines management and fleet management, has been working in the automotive industry since 1981. From the outset, SAFO has been a reference for the companies working in the industry, with regard to the provision of back office administrative services characterized by a high level of computerization and automation and a typically approach to outsourcing.

The rental market evolution in Italy has been gone together with the growth process of the Group. It started with small companies owing small market shares to become a relevant market with the presence of large European and world groups with a high impact on mobility, in the aftermath. Our mission is based on our primary aim to provide efficient services with immediate cost-saving impact, characterized by extreme flexibility in a process of continuous technological innovation that responds quickly to our customers’ needs.

Today, the SAFO Group manages services on behalf of all long and short-term rental companies as well as the largest national and international private fleets with more than 1 million vehicles, distributed between Italy, the United Kingdom and Romania, where SAFO has established operational and commercial offices to extend his services throughout Europe. Originally, SAFO was known in the industry for the fine management of the Code Road; a service for which it is a market leader in Italy and the only specialist supplier abroad. In 2015 SAFO managed over 2,000,000 fines through a fully digitized fine management system with “taylor made” solutions that meet clients’ commercial and administrative needs.

Services have undergone a deep revision over the last period, in line with the Road Code Reform, paying particular attention to the introduction of Article 94 which is creating new needs and obligations for all private and public Italian fleets. Mobile solutions represents an area of ​​growing interest for SAFO. Indeed, it has invested significantly in staff and technology to create a division for any mobile platform development (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) to meet the needs of a market increasingly oriented to allow its customers to access and use services anywhere and anytime; for example, requesting roadside assistance, booking mechanical assistance, bodywork or tire changer services, receive and pay fines, all through specific App that characterize SAFO’s offer in this area.

SAFO manages, through highly qualified staff, vehicle support services, operational fleet management (maintenance, courtesy vehicles, fuel paper, used sales, etc.), car document handling, equipment archiving, purchase and maintenance supplier invoices, CRM services (help desk, call center), vehicle cost management services for business travel. Process optimization and the management of all variables allow SAFO to provide services with a significant cost reductions and more bespoke fleet management planning, while maintaining control and history of each individual vehicle.

The SAFO’s support offered to its customers is based on a certified Project Management methodology that provides support in process analysis, ad hoc systems development, technology innovations related to the mobile business.

SAFO tends to work with paperless processes, by dematerializing paper documents upstream of the process, with the aim of facilitating the use of documents and the organization of electronic archives. The group’s policy is based on the strong will of providing its customers the added value of SAFO’s availability and flexibility regarding the market needs. SAFO works with a professional and reliable structure, with a focus on continuous innovation and evolution process.

25 Mar, 16